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Looking for Radiation Survey Meter?

Reltech Lab Sdn Bhd can provide the best solutions for our client needs:

  • Recommend the best survey meter according to the client’s application and budget
  • Repair and Refurbish Radiation Monitoring Equipment
  • Survey Meter Rental

Rad 100™

The RAD 100™ is a general purpose radiation survey meter/geiger counter that detects and measures alpha, beta, gamma, and X-radiation. The digital display shows the current radiation level in your choice of microSieverts per hour (SI units) or mR/hr for gamma radiation measurements.  For mixed sources (alpha, beta, gamma) the CPM mode is recommended.  

  • Monitor personal radiation exposure
  • Monitor area or perimeter
  • Detect radiation leaks and contamination

IMI Inspector Alert™ V2

The IMI Inspector Alert™ V2 measures alpha, beta, gamma and x-radiation using a 2-inch “pancake” GM detector with high sensitivity to common beta and alpha sources. The easy-to-read digital display shows readings in your choice of µSv/hr, mR/hr, CPM, or CPS. The Total/Timer feature allows timed readings from one minute to 40 hours for precise measurement of low level contamination. An audible alert sounds when the radiation reaches a user-adjustable level.

  • Quickly alerts the user to the presence of harmful levels of nuclear radiation
  • Improves safety in the laboratory and in the field
  • Automatically compensates for GM tube dead time
  • Will not jam in high radiation fields
  • CE Certified, RoHS Compliant & Meets WEEE standards

Radiation Alert Ranger

The Radiation Alert Ranger® is a small, handheld, digital survey meter that offers excellent sensitivity to low levels of alpha, beta, gamma, and x-rays.

This model has built in efficiencies for common isotopes to calculate activity in Bq and DPM.It also has a backlit digital display, a red count light, and a beeper that sounds with each count detected. Internal memory and the free Observer USB Software allow you to download your data, and set computer alarms.With the Free Radiation Alert® Observer BLE app from the Google App Store, you can display the readings from your detector on your android device, label sample readings and descriptions, take timed counts, append GPS data and send your saved survey file.

The Free Observer USB software (Windows® only) reads in Total Counts, CPM, µR/hr, mR/hr, CPS, µSv/hr, and has the ability to collect and log data, set alarms, set timed counts, set the calibration date and settings, and generate reports.

Onyx Survey Meter with Safecast Integration

ONYX features a modern, streamlined look and the use of advanced technologies, making it a one-of-a-kind Geiger Counter. It weighs only 7 oz. (200g.) and measures a mere 5.1 X 2.6 X 0.9 in. (72 X 37 X 13 mm.) making it easy to transport. Despite its compact size ONYX is capable of detecting alpha, beta and gamma radiation with the same sensitivity as the IMI Inspector Alert™, and like the IMI Inspector Alert™ V2, ONYX is optimized for surface contamination measurements through use of its 2 in. pancake Geiger Mueller tube.

Data are easy to read in a variety of formats ( µR/hr per hour, Counts Per Minute, µSv/h and Total Counts – with Timer) on the 128 X 128 color OLED display that measures 1.88 in. (47.9mm.) diagonally. In addition, ONYX is designed to share data through its micro-USB port.  Twitter data are transferred using QR code displayed on the OLED in combination with a smart phone with a QR Code scanner.

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