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Wipe Smear Leak Test Services and Analysis

Reltech Lab offers complete leak/wipe test services for all types of sealed sources. Our services related as below:

  • Leak/ Wipe test service on site
  • Lab Analysis of leak test sample

Leak/ wipe test is one of the test required in order to comply with the radiation protection safety of handling sealed radiation source according to Atomic Energy Licensing Act 1984.

This leakage test must be performed at least once a year or whenever the material is deemed to be contaminated or suffered from mechanical damage.

The leakage test is required to be done annually to ensure that the material is safe to use and to ensure the safety of the radiation worker.

Authorized personnel performs test by wiping the area closest to the source using swab.

The sample analysis will be done using radiation counter spectrum techniques ST360 located in Reltech Lab, Bandar Baru Bangi

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