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What is Partial Discharge?

  • Air-filled voids occur in cable joints as a result of workmanship defects and ageing.
  • Voltage stress builds across the void due to capacitive divider.
  • Over a period of time Partial Discharge will produce electrical pulses which will decompose the insulation and eventually fail the cable and disrupt the power supply.

Detection of Partial Discharge

  • A major cause of failure in cable joints is due to workmanship defects, ageing and electrical stress due to overloading.
  • Partial Discharge (PD) occurs months before failure of the joints, hence, can be prevented if detected.
  • PD can be measured off-line, however, the cables need to be off during measurement. To be done during train off-service period.
  • It is impractical to measure PD Off-line for large number of cable joints. For KLJ Line and Line Extension, there are close to 1000 joints. It would take approximately 4 years to sweep through all the joints to measure the PD.
  • On-line PD monitoring involves installing sensors at the cable joints to detect pulses originating from PD.

Partial Discharge Monitoring System Overview

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